I serve on City Council because I love living in Lakewood and I want to be a part of preserving and enhancing what we have.  I am licensed to practice law in Colorado and have extensive experience developing government policy.  My priorities include maintaining a modern infrastructure for the benefit of businesses and residents, empowering our children by continuing to provide services that complement public education, and developing new ways to meet the needs of the growing senior population.   Here are some of my thoughts on these and other important issues for Lakewood:

Open Space – During my daily walk around Kountze Lake I watch the seasons change.  The grass grows, then turns yellow, then dies and is covered with snow.  The baby ducks hatch, swim and grow.  Then the migratory geese come and sit on whatever small part of the lake is frozen.  I speak from my heart when I say that I am dedicated to preserving and, where appropriate, improving our open space.

Police –  As a citizen, it is important to me that I continue to feel safe living in Lakewood and that the trust I put in the police force is warranted as shown by their continued professionalism.  Lakewood’s police department is one of the most professional in the nation. This is demonstrated by the high requirements for joining the force and the strikingly large number of officers who go on to become police chiefs around the state and nation.  I will empower Lakewood’s Chief of Police to maintain this high level of professionalism.

Finances – Even during economic downturns, Lakewood must be able to provide for its citizens, keep the rec center’s doors open, and maintain the roads and parks.   I support a fiscally responsible approach of maintaining a large reserve and investing wisely in improvements.

Business  – Working in my father’s business I learned that one of the most important things governments can provide the business sector is stability and predictability.  I will work to ensure that businesses know what to expect so they have the information they need to be successful.

Seniors – Lakewood’s population is ageing.  We live in the grayest county in Colorado.  The City needs to keep supporting our elders through programs like Lakewood Rides, developing creative ways to link neighbours in order to provide additional resources to seniors, and helping elders be active participants in community events.

Children – Human potential is precious.  That is why it is so important to expand on Jefferson County’s excellent school system with projects like the new privately funded Boys and Girls Club and early childhood education through Lakewood’s Headstart program and Lakewood’s self supporting early childhood education program.

Walkable and Bikeable – When I walk down Wadsworth, from my house to Belmar, it feels like I am on a very small sidewalk along a very big road.  On some large roads there isn’t any sidewalk.  Just paths worn in the dirt.  We live in one of the healthiest cities in Jefferson Country, a place where it’s sunny 300 days a year, a place where people like to walk and bike.  That’s why we need to upgrade the sidewalks and expand on the system of bike paths.  City employees are working to gradually make the city more walkable and bikeable.  I wholeheartedly support these efforts.

Regional Collaboration – I live in Lakewood but I also live in Jefferson County and in Colorado.  I understand that Lakewood does not exist in isolation and therefore City employees should work with Lakewood’s neighbours to find the best possible outcomes.  The City has expanded its collaboration through programs like the Graffiti Taskforce, developed with Denver, and a regional police training program held in Lakewood.  I will continue to foster intelligent regional collaboration.

I believe that a local government that truly listens to the people can have a positive impact on their lives.  No one should make decisions about Lakewood’s future alone.  I am dedicated to giving you the information you need to help me make the best decisions for Lakewood.

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